Do Koi Carp Sleep?

Do koi carp sleep?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “do koi carp sleep?”. You may assume that koi do sleep at some point; but is that correct? And, if so, how do koi sleep? How often do they sleep? And how can you tell they are sleeping? Read on to learn more…

Can Koi Carp Bite You?

Can koi carp bite you?

Many of us will have seen koi owners and enthusiasts feeding their fish directly from their hands, and for many koi owners, having tame koi like this is one of the biggest rewards of fish keeping! However, when you take into account how large koi carp can potentially grow, and the size of their mouths, […]

Do Koi Carp Have Teeth?

Do koi carp have teeth?

Koi carp have relatively large mouths compared to the size of their head and body, and can often be seen opening and closing their mouths near to the surface of the water. But do koi carp have teeth? Koi will sometimes feed from your hand when they are very tame, and will sometimes mouth around […]

Do Koi Carp Hibernate?

Do koi carp hibernate?

Many animals hibernate during the colder months of the year and it is almost universally true that the behavior of animals will alter somewhat during the winter months. But do koi carp hibernate? Depending on where you live, the temperature of your outdoor koi pond may drop very low in the winter. Unless you use […]

Do Koi Carp Need Running Water?

Do koi carp need running water?

All properly designed koi ponds are built with plenty of filtration, pumps and water jets to allow water to circulate freely throughout the entire pond, and avoid any dead spots of still, stagnant water developing. This will often encompass decorative waterfalls or other water features, which serve the dual purpose of both adding to the appearance […]