Koi Carp in Japanese Culture

Japanese koi carp

In Japanese culture, the koi carp is a highly respected and very symbolic fish that is closely tied to the country’s national identity. The koi carp is thought to be a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune within Japan. The name “koi” itself is Japanese and simply means “carp” in the Japanese language. Koi […]

How long do koi carp live?

How long do koi live?

If you keep koi carp or are thinking of setting up your first pond, one of the most important things to consider is how long koi carp live. While the life span of a koi carp can vary greatly – depending on factors such as genetics and quality of care –  you should of course […]

Koi Carp in the Wild

Koi pond waterfall

The koi carp descends from the common carp, a large grouping of fish that are native to both Asia and Central Europe. Several different species of carp were originally kept in East Asia, where they were consumed as food. During the 19th century, colorful common carp from wild ponds and lakes were domesticated within Japan, […]